Audigids angļu valodā

1.The Venta waterfall (Download)
2.The old brick bridge across the Venta (Download)
3.Kuldīga District Museum (Download)
4.Hangman’s house (Download)
5.The Alekšupīte waterfall (Download)
6.St. Katherine’s church (Download)
7.Former Kuldīga mayor Stafenhāgen’s house (Download)
8.Duke Jacob’s  pharmacy (Download)
9.The oldest wooden house in Kurzeme (Download)
10.The Medieval Historical Centre of Kuldīga (Download)
11.Kuldīga’s old town hall and town square (Download)
12.Kuldīga’s New Town Hall (Download)
13.Liepājas street (Download)
14.The Catholic Church of Holy Trinity (Download)
15.St. Ann’s Lutheran Church (Download)
16.The Town Garden (Download)
17.The Jewish  Synagogue (Download)